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Kentucky Football: Cats fall to Florida: 4 Things to Know and Postgame Mourning

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At least Austin MacGinnis set the field goal record.

NCAA Football: Florida at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky led this game for 59 minutes and 17 seconds. 59 minutes. And 17 seconds. And at the end of the day, they lost because they couldn’t simply put a corner back on every receiver that was on the field. In the end they lost it 28-27.

The streak continues. 31 years.

Austin MacGinnis sets field goal record

MacGinnis clanged a field goal off the upright in the first half, but he didn’t make that mistake twice. The senior kicker showed off his leg strength by putting a 50-yarder through the uprights to set the Kentucky career field goal record with 58. MacGinnis is on his way to becoming Kentucky’s all-time leading scorer.

That 50-yarder pushed Kentucky’s lead to 13 points at 27-14, but it wasn’t enough once Florida stormed back.

MaGinnis ended up coming up short on a 57-yarder to end the game.

Defensive injuries hurt the Cats

Jordan Jones was already out, his backup Eli Brown went down, Josh Allen went down for a short period of time and Derrick Baity left the field with a head injury and did not return. Kentucky is extremely deep on defense this year, playing two teams worth of guys in certain games. But when you’re playing the No. 20 team in the country, any injuries are going to hurt the outcome.

And they did just that.

Kentucky’s defense out of timeouts leaves something to be expected

Two times in this game, Kentucky left one of Florida’s receivers completely uncovered coming out of a timeout. One time, Kentucky only had 10 men on the field. In the end it cost them the game, as both of those plays went for touchdowns on fourth down.

The streak continues

UK football might be cursed when it comes to playing Florida. There’s no explaining how else you can gaffe this badly and lose when up 13 points in the fourth quarter.

After all the hype for football after a 3-0 start, I can only hope that this doesn’t stop this program’s momentum dead in its tracks.