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John Wall breaks down in tears during UK Hall of Fame speech (video)

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John Wall broke down in tears thanking his mother as he was inducted into UK Hall of Fame, adding his old UK jersey "feels good." 

John Wall is now a member of the UK Athletics Hall of Fame.

On the surface, getting inducted and earning the prestigious honor took just one season in Lexington, a very special one that propelled UK back to the top of college basketball.

But in reality, it was a lifelong journey that was far longer and harder than we’ll ever realize. Wall knows what it took, and he knows the sacrifices his mother made in helping him realize his dreams, a journey made ever harder as they grew up without a father figure.

That’s why Wall couldn’t contain his emotions when talking about his mother during his tear-jerking speech Friday night. Get the tissues ready before you watch Wall’s emotional speech and induction into the UK Athletics Hall of Fame:

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