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Simi Shittu and Kentucky Basketball going their separate ways

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Simi Shittu is likely off the board for UK.

Jon Lopez / Nike

There’s a big development in Kentucky Basketball recruiting happening right now. Unfortunately, it’s not positive.

Power forward Simu Shittu doesn’t look like he’s considering Kentucky anymore, weirdly enough, it wasn’t really his choice.

After the shocking offer to the non-ranked 6’10 power forward from Cincinnati - Jaxon Hayes, it looks like John and his team have shifted their attention to fully recruiting Hayes instead of Shittu.

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, John went to Vermont to watch Shittu practice with his teammates last week. Allegedly, it was a known that they’d set an official visit to Kentucky while Calipari was there. After Cal left Vermont, no visit was set up.

The day after Cal visited Shittu, he shocked everyone and offered the big man from Cincinnati. This definitely turned the tides in the recruitment of Shittu. The Herald Leader also reached out to Shittu’s coach trying to get more context from the situation. Six days after they texted him, he responded by saying “Shittu has still not set a visit with Kentucky.”

On Thursday, Shittu announced three schools that he’ll be visiting in the next couple of months. You guessed it, Kentucky is not on the list. Instead, he’ll be visiting Vanderbilt, Arizona, and North Carolina. The 247 crystal ball also has Kentucky getting no picks, while Arizona is the favorite.

It looks Kentucky is out of the race for Shittu, and it seems like they’re fine with it.

Shittu, being a top-10 recruit for next year's class, while Hayes isn’t even ranked, begs the question, why? It’s clear that Hayes has potential, but with such a big difference in national ranking, what is Cal seeing?

I’m sure this will leave some off BBN in shock and wonder, but, Cal has proven that he has an eye for talent. This will also add fuel to the fire that Shittu and fellow Canadian R.J. Barrett won’t play in college together.

All that’s left now is to try and secure Hayes for next year, while watching him develop as a player his senior year.