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Immanuel Quickley recruiting update and final predictions

Immanuel Quickley is primed to become the first member of the 2018 Kentucky Basketball recruiting class.


Immanuel Quickley is deciding Friday evening, in what many are expecting to be the first 2018 decision to go in John Calipari’s favor.

Quickley is a 5-star point guard, ranked the No. 8 player in the class of 2018 by 247 Sports. He was the first 2018 guard to receive an offer from Calipari.

Quickley stands 6-3, 175 lbs. He’s a great true point guard, as he sees the floor well and makes the right pass. He can move well to both sides with or without the ball, and can knock down tough shots. He’s a decent shooter, but not great; what he really excels in is using his size at the point and moving the ball.

He’ll decide between Kentucky, Kansas and Miami (FL). He canceled his Miami visit due to hurricane Irma, and never did reschedule. He’s favored to pick Kentucky in his crystal ball, as they pull in 90 percent of the predictions as of Friday morning.

Quickley is also making his decision on his mom’s birthday, making today a very special day for the Quickley family:

Should he choose Kentucky, he’ll be the first commitment of the 2018 class. The hope is that Zion Williamson, Simi Shittu, Keldon Johnson and others follow suit.

Here’s our predictions on where Quickley will go, and why.

Greg Goins

Immanuel Quickley is a lock to be in a UK uniform next year. As purely a basketball decision, it's a no-brainer, as the 6-3 guard fits the mold within Cal's version of "Point Guard U" that serves as a pipeline to the NBA.

Surprisingly, the most important "CATS" in this decision can be found at the Center for Academic and Tutorial Services (CATS). Quickley's mother, a high school English teacher, reportedly was very impressed with the academic support for student-athletes and places great value in Cal's promise of a "lifetime scholarship."

On the court, Quickley will be a dual threat, breaking down defenders off the bounce while filling it up from behind the arc. He's an outstanding spot up shooter so get your "three goggles" ready BBN.

Jeremy Chisenhall

It has to be Kentucky. They’ve been the favorite all along. Aside from Bill Self and Kansas, no other school has made the slightest impact on expert predictions for Quickley. Calipari zeroed in on him early and made him the top priority among guards in this class.

I’m sure that Calipari has made it clear that Quickley’s NBA potential (and earning potential) has no ceiling if he commits to Kentucky. With his talent, he’ll be a great asset to help Kentucky compete for a championship, and Cal can take him to the next level.

Between the fact that Calipari started on Quickley’s recruitment early, and the fact that no one else has made hardly any noise, Kentucky has to be his choice.

Zac Oakes

I think Quickley picks Kentucky, and Calipari gets his floor general for the class. He checks off the boxes for what Cal wants in a point guard: passing, defense, leadership, size, scoring ability. Quickley has them all.

He also seems like a player other top guys wouldn’t mind playing with, which is a major bonus. Especially as Kentucky continues to pursue Zion Williamson.

Quickley would be a big-time commit to kick off the 2018 recruiting class for Kentucky.

T.J. Barnett

This could be a huge day for Kentucky basketball. Not only is Quickley arguably the best point guard for next years class, but it could start a domino effect with other players in the class.

The most noteable recruit he'll influence is Zion. Even though they're not a guaranteed package deal, Zion has said multiple times that Immanuel is the kind of point guard he wants to play with. Getting him would do wonders for the program, starting off the 2018 class with a bang!

Quickley is the kind of player that you can trust on the court to make the players around him better. If Kentucky lands him, they're instantly getting a difference maker for 2018.

My prediction: Quickley picks UK

Andrew Galayda

It appears the good news is arriving Friday for Big Blue Nation. Immanuel Quickley is set to announce and it's almost a lock he picks the Cats. At 6'3, Quickley is a lengthy and athletic PG who can distribute and score at will which is why Cal has prioritized him in the 2018 class.

For Kentucky, this commitment could open the door for other big name recruits to eliminate or explore the Wildcats further. Zion Williamson is the recruit that comes to mind as he is set to be on campus this weekend for the Florida game, and the two have discussed playing in college together.

Cal also met with R.J. Barrett today and it's possible Barrett knows Quickley's decision and understands Calipari's plan for a future Quickley-Barrett backcourt. Ultimately, it would be a huge shock if Quickley chose Kansas or Miami.

Prediction: Kentucky

Jason Marcum

Immanuel Quickley will make his college decision Friday with the expectation of the Kentucky Wildcats being his pick. This would be a great start for John Calipari in the Class of 2018, which has the potential to be one of his better hauls.

Part of that is due to (hopefully) getting Quickley, but it also needs to include Kentucky getting one of his good pals, Zion Williamson. While Zion has backed off the package deal talk, he's still a big fan of Quickley and would love to play at the same college with him. Quickley at Kentucky won't be 'the' reason Zion picks Kentucky, but it will be a large weight of Kentucky's side of the scale.

But enough about Zion. Quickley is a special player in his own right, and he will be a tremendous get for Kentucky. The good thing about Quickley is his game is so balanced that he could spend time at the 2 or even 3 spots. That could be asked of him if one or both of Quade Green and Shai Alexander are back next year. You have to think Quickley knows this and is prepared to be that second or third guard, which really speaks to how great of a team player he is.

Brad Morris

Who will Quickley pick? UK, no question.

What does this mean for next year’s team? More than the team, I'm more interested in what this means for the recruiting class. We've been waiting for the first shoe to drop. While Cal has brought in monster classes before, this one could be less in quantity and a ton of quality.

With only 2-4 players leaving for the NBA after this season, the Cats shouldn't need that many players to join. If Cal can build off of Quickley's commitment to snare Williamson AND Barrett???

This would rival the dynamic threesome of Wall, Cousins, and Bledsoe.

Jamie Boggs

Quickley has been Calipari's top point guard target for 2018 since the beginning of his recruitment. Kentucky has also been the favorite to land the young talent all along. If he ends up in Lexington, all signs point to Quickley being the floor general of a loaded 2018 class. He has the look of a Calipari-style guard and Big Blue Nation will love him.

But perhaps the most immediate impact he will have will be as a recruiter. He recently visited Kentucky alongside five-star shooting guard Keldon Johnson. Early in his recruitment, he was also considered to be a package deal with superstar Zion Williamson. While Williamson has denied that report, many believe that he would still love to play alongside Quickley as their on-court chemistry has been impressive every time they have taken the court together.

Quickley has always been a strong Kentucky lean, and I think the fact that he is committing so early solidifies those predictions.

Prediction: Kentucky