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Photos and Videos from Kentucky Basketball Photo Day

A roundup look behind the scenes of Kentucky photo day.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky Media Day Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky’s recent photo day has tons of behind the scenes shots on Twitter and other social media. Take a look at this year’s Kentucky Wildcats up close and personal.

Jarred Vanderbilt might pop that basketball.

You can’t hang out under the basket too long when P.J. Washington is around.

That had to hurt a little. I wouldn’t recommend being anywhere around the rim when Kevin Knox is headed towards it. But I’m interested to see what the outcome of this new angle (and this accident) turned out to be.

Some really great slow motion work from Matt Stone.

Eight freshmen. All four stars or better. The work of John Calipari never ceases to amaze.

There were smiles all around. It seems like the new and returning Wildcats had a ton of fun and are already getting along quite well. Reminder that Big Blue Madness is on Oct. 13, and it could not come soon enough.