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Kentucky Wildcats Football: Tuesday Practice Report

The Cats continue preparing for what hopes to be a special Saturday. Plus, an early game prediction.

Jason Marcum

After practice on Tuesday, it was offensive coordinator Eddie Gran’s turn to step up to the microphone for questions. Here are some of the thoughts he had to share.

When asked what impresses him the most about Florida’s defense, the front seven has really stood out.

“Really good up front. Their front four and the depth there. They’re really stout at linebacker, have a great secondary. It’s gonna be a challenge for us. They do a really good job.”

The good news is Kentucky’s offensive line is finally finding some rhythm after a rough patch to start the season, and Gran is really encouraged with what Mason Wolfe brings to the table.

“Yeah. We kept the same group in there a lot (vs. South Carolina). But you know, Mason Wolfe got in there on two long drives, and that was huge for us. it’s kind of what happened for us last year. As we moved guys in last year, we found out that a couple of guys could give us 30 snaps. He had 52. That was huge. That was his first real big game in the SEC, so that was encouraging.”

This will be Kentucky’s biggest challenge for the offense in this young season. Gran was asked the importance of third down conversions against South Carolina.

“You know what? On offense all 11 guys have to do the right thing. We had a chance to actually be incredible 12 out of 16 if we had executed right. It’s our money down. Third down is so critical. That allowed us to have a 16-play drive and a 13-play drive back-to-back.”

While Benny Snell had a workmanlike 30 carries and 103 yards, Coach Gran knows it will be important getting Sihiem King more touches as the season goes on.

“He’ll get some more touches though in regular situations.... But those are a couple of series I should’ve put him in and I told him that. I think for the remainder of the season 30 snaps is too much. You’ll see Sihiem more whether we create something or we just get him more touches.”

We also may have an idea of what Kentucky will be donning on their heads this weekend. If practice reports and Drew Barker’s Snapchat are true, then get ready to see the brightness of the chrome domes.

Yes, Kentucky has asked all fans to #WearBlue this Saturday, but this is a smart move if true. There’s something special with the way the chrome helmets shine under the lights at Kroger Field. It helps to make the atmosphere feel just a bit more electric.

The Cats have gone into 2 hostile environments this season. They’ve also come back with two hard-fought victories. If they can end the 30 year losing streak, this team will have a legitimate shot at a 6-0 record heading into the bye week.

Was that even fathomable before the year started? This looks to be a defensive battle, and given the way Kentucky has been stout against the run, this could be a very low scoring game. Since I won’t be back on until right after the game, I’ll leave my pick here now.

Give me Cats 20, Gators 13.

#WearBlue #EndTheStreak