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Jake Bentley makes Coach K proud with this epic flop vs Kentucky Wildcats

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Early contender for Flop of the Year.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks are officially fake tough guys, and fake news to boot.

All of this was on display Saturday night as they got their tails whipped by the Kentucky Wildcats. Despite a disastrous start by the Cats, they still took firm control of this game and never let up en route to a 23-13 win.

Gamecocks quarterback Jake Bentley did everything in his power to stop this, including one of the worst flops you’ll see in college football this year.

Late in Saturday night's game with the Wildcats holding a two-score lead, Bentley fell to the ground with an epic flop after being grazed by linebacker Josh Allen.

Thankfully, the Cats weren't flagged for a personal foul, but it was an obvious surrender cobra moment by Bentley to try and muster up whatever offense he could.

There are unconfirmed rumors that Duke is now heavily recruiting Bentley to play basketball for Coach K.