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Zion Williamson cancels in-home visit with Kentucky Basketball, praises Duke and Coach K

After a canceled visit and Zion raving about Coach K on his blog, John Calipari cannot feel good about this.

High School Basketball: Zion Williamson Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Between supporting hurricane victims and visiting 5-star recruits, this has been a very busy week for John Calipari. In all of the chaos, I am sure the last thing he wanted to do was see phenom Zion Williamson blogging about Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

In the post, Williamson goes into detail about Coach K’s pitch to get him to come play at Duke. Apparently Coach K says he will use the No. 2 recruit in the same way he used LeBron James at the 2012 Olympics. Assuming he won’t be riding Williamson to a gold medal, it seems Krzyzewski is just trying to distract him from Duke’s consistent first-weekend exits in March.

Regardless of Coach K’s ridiculousness, Williamson seemed impressed by the pitch as he said “Coach K is always 10 steps ahead.” He has an official visit scheduled at Duke for their midnight madness event, Countdown to Craziness. That can’t be good.

To make matters worse, Calipari’s in-home visit with Williamson scheduled for Monday was canceled due to Hurricane Irma.

“We had to reschedule due to the storm,” Sharonda Sampson (Williamson’s mother) told SEC Country. “My family who lives on the coast is in the direct path and we are with them today.”

While there are plans to reschedule the visit, no date has been set yet. Williamson’s only official school visits are set for Duke and UCLA, although he is expected to visit South Carolina, Clemson, Kentucky, and Kansas, who has long been considered Kentucky’s biggest competition for the young small forward.

Where do you think Kentucky stands with Zion Williamson?

Here are some highlights to make you feel better about it.

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