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Dan Dakich uses Derek Willis’ tattoos to troll UK fans, support agenda of not paying players

Dakich must have needed some attention.

Indiana Hoosiers v Michigan State Spartans Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I am not quite sure what Dan Dakich was doing early Sunday morning, but it apparently included browsing photo galleries to analyze the skin of college athletes. He then took to Twitter to use tattoos as evidence that college athletes have all of the money they need and should not be paid. He “randomly” chose a former member of the Kentucky Wildcats and called out Derek Willis for his tattoos.

To be fair, he also posted a picture of a Florida State football player. To be more fair, he is a huge troll that knows exactly what he is doing and constantly instigates Twitter fights with passionate fan-bases. So naturally, Kentucky and FSU would be at the top of that list.

However, is jab was not just taken on the chin. Willis quickly fired back.

Not to be outdone, Dakich, who was allegedly just commenting on the financial status of NCAA athletes, got personal and commented on Willis’ public intoxication arrest. But don’t worry, Derek got the last word.

Since his phone is not ringing off the hook (or at all) for coaching positions, considering his 159-144 (.525 win percentage) career record, Dakich took the time to try to set up a street fight with a former Indiana University quarterback.

He also accused a guy of using steroids, told a young female that she looks older than him, and referred to himself as an “entertainer.” In case you aren’t familiar, this is all pretty par for the course when it comes to Dakich.

Without any knowledge of when these players actually got the tattoos, how much they cost, or how they might have been paid for, Dakich is trying to serve his own agenda as the anti-Jay Bilas when it comes to players getting compensated. However, it is really just a sad attempt to stay relevant.

Dakich is the worst.