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ESPN 680 Postgame Show: Victory over EKU Edition

Podcast of the ESPN 680 post game show. I get a little heated about the Stephen Johnson situation.

Jeremy Chisenhall

I’m back as the host of the Kentucky Wildcats postgame shows on ESPN 680. Yesterday's 27-16 over the Eastern Kentucky Colonels left a lot to be desired but there were some bright spots.

Here is what I discussed:

  • The Wildcats are 2-0. So that’s good.
  • I go on a rant about the Drew Barker substitution.
  • Mark Stoops FULL postgame presser.
  • Andy Sweeney, co-host of the Midday Rush, joins me and takes calls with me.
  • Jason Ence from ASOB calls in from Lexington and gives his thoughts on Barker vs. Johnson.
  • We talk why Kentucky fans should feel good about this season so far.
  • I discuss the Lynn Bowden targeting call and it’s impact on college football.
  • SEC and college football chatter.

Check me out immediately after every game for your first chance to call in and listen to reaction. Catch us on 680 AM in Louisville, the iHeartRadio App, ESPN Radio TuneIn App, or dial 605-477-980 for the Audio Now option to listen directly from your phone to avoid data usage.