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Zion Williamson cools on package deal, reclassifying; Immanuel Quickley still thinks they team up

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The two are still strongly interested in playing together in college, and Quickley thinks it happens. Zion also shot down any talks of reclassification.

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Don’t call it a package deal, but Zion Williamson and Immanuel Quickley still want to team up in college.

In an interview with USA Today’s Jason Jordan, Zion said he’s still very interested in teaming up with Quickley, though it shouldn’t be called a package deal anymore, and for good reason.

“We’re not a package deal,” said Zion. “We have definitely talked about playing together in college and I want to play with him, but it’s gotta be an individual decision.”

For the most part, package deals are actually what Zion described. While two players may want to play together in college, even going as far as to call it a package deal, it’s still two separate decisions being made by the players along with their families and inner circles.

Very few players will ever pick a college solely because another player they love playing with did the same.

So while seeing Zion say he’s not a package deal seems discouraging, it’s really not, especially with Quickley still recruiting him. That is, assuming the latter makes his college decision first, which is expected to come in late September.

“Got to,” Quickley said. “He’s a special player and there’s a lot of hype with him, but he backs it up. Believe the hype with Zion. He’s real; definitely a guy you need in your side. I think it’ll happen for us in the end.”

Zion gets most of the hype as arguably the top player in 2018, but Quickley is an elite point guard who may be the best in his class. That would explain why Zion has been adamant about his desire to team up with Quickley, and it certainly helps they’re already playing together.

Zion and Quickley have teamed up this week at adidas Nations Global for USA Red 2018. That’s given Quickley another chance to keep the full-court press on Zion.

“We’re roommates here at Nations and we pretty much talk or text every day,” said Quickley. “We definitely want to play together. We talk about that too.”

In a separate interview with USA Today, Zion also shot down any talks of him reclassifying, something that’s become popular with elite high school recruits.

“I’m 100 percent not reclassifying,” said Zion. “I’ve heard people say that I might do that, but what people don’t realize about me is that I’m young for my grade. The only way I could reclassify is to go down, and I’m not gonna do that.”

There’s still a good chance that Quickely and Zion team up in college, but it will be each player's own decision. Both should come this fall, and Kentucky remains the favorite for both.

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