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Kentucky Wildcats Football: Staring At The Enemy

UK’s enemies have gained respect for what Mark Stoops has done in Lexington, but still not enough.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Athlon Sports has revealed what opposing SEC coaches have said anonymously about every opponent they’ll face this year.

It can be comical trying to figure out who said what. You could almost always pull what was said by Steve Spurrier, and to a lesser extent Les Miles. With the OBC and the perpetual grass chewer having moved on, it’s a little more difficult.

So, here is a few of the quotes regarding the Kentucky Wildcats. Feel free to guess who said what and then discuss if they’re correct, indifferent, or flat out jealous.

"They lost Boom Williams, but the freshman they had (Benny Snell) is a good player.”

This could be anyone from Nick Saban, to my Dad, to a wind surfer in Hawaii that doesn’t watch college football. Blatantly obvious observation. Moving on.

“They’re a little bit of a different animal in our league in the sense that for a long time they were almost exclusively a three-down front. They play a little more four-down now, but they will bring a lot of pressure from both sides, field and boundary, and they do a good job of disguising and moving pieces around."

Now this is from a football coach. Plenty of actual “coach speak” in there. Only problem is guessing who it is. I’ll bet it’s a defensive minded coach, so Saban or Kirby Smart are good bets.

"I think you can still bully them, just get big and manhandle them a little bit. As good as their corners are, you don’t want to throw the ball out there all the time. You’d rather just pound them a bit. Florida really manhandled them, and any team that was worth their salt up front gave them issues."

Now that is a coach who has had success against the Cats or he wouldn’t be so brazen. Is he right though? Looking back I’d say yes, given the way Florida and Tennessee were able to run on UK last season.

"I think (offensive coordinator) Eddie Gran was a really good hire. You watch them on tape, they made things easy on that QB. The thing he did really well is he didn't get away from stuff that was working."

Seeing the offense and Eddie Gran get some love, this probably came from a coach that Kentucky racked up points against. Perhaps it’s Dan Mullen, a fellow offensive guru whose Bulldogs got 40 hung on them in Lexington last season.

Should any of this be a surprise to us?

Not really.

For the most part the above statements are all true. Going into the 2017 campaign, Kentucky will have to answer questions at punting and the defensive line for sure. However, the strength of returning players at the skill positions on both offense and defense are solid with a great blend of veteran leadership and young talent.

Will they be solid enough to improve their record going forward?

Only hitting helmets and time will tell.