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Kentucky Wildcats will be on CBS Sports Network vs Southern Miss: Here is how you can find it

Watching the opener is a little harder than you’d expect. You may need to pay for a service or get a free trial to watch it.

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Kentucky’s game versus Southern Miss is slated to be on the CBS Sports Network this Saturday, but many may be confused about which network they will need to tune in to in order to view the game.

The CBS Sports Network is currently the home of Conference USA, Mountain West, American Athletic Conference, and the Mid-American Conference.

Since Southern Miss—A C-USA team—is hosting the game, they have television rights.

Now let’s be clear, the game will not be on CBS.

The CBS Sports Network is a little harder to find, but here is where you can find it.

On the CBS Sports Network website, you can see ways to find the channel. It has a handy tool where you can enter your zip code to find which channel you can find the network.

It seems that in general, the network is channel 221 for DirecTV, 158 for DISH Network, 94 for Verizon Fios, and 734 for XFinity. For all the others, you can head right here and type in your zip code.

However, for those who do not have the channel with their cable or satellite provider, Hulu offers live-streaming television now and they currently offer a 7-day free trial to new subscribers.

fuboTV is a popular and growing service that gives cord-cutters an easy way to save money while still watching live sports and their favorite TV shows. The service costs $35 a month, but it too has a 7-day free trial.

It has a pretty substantial sports package with the ESPN networks, SEC Network, and Fox Sports, but not everyone.

Kentucky vs Southern Miss. is slated to kick off at 4 p.m.