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John Calipari talks Hurricane Harvey, how current and former Cats handling it

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Cal spoke out about the devastation in Houston and how it’s affected some of his former players.

Kentucky v Hampton Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This last week has been a rough one. We’ve all seen the wreckage that Hurricane Harvey has caused. People from across the country are feeling the affects, including former and current players under John Calipari.

Jarred Vanderbilt, De’Aaron Fox, Marcus Camby, Andrew Harrison, and Aaron Harrison are all from areas that are currently being affected. Cal has been reaching out to all of these players to make sure their families are safe and secure.

Here are some thoughts from Cal on this weekend via SEC Country:

“It looks like it’s just going to get worse, too. You see the flooding and stuff, it’s just [awful]. The worst part of this will be when the flooding recedes and those houses are all — if you don’t get back in there and deal with the mold, you might as well tear down the house.

“And let’s be real: Who are going to be affected by this the most? [Poor people], no question. They don’t’ have money to tear down walls and do that stuff. They’re probably in low-lying areas, just like they were in New Orleans.”

On Friday during the Alumni Charity game, Cal made a “game-time” decision and chose to donate $150,000 to the Red Cross to directly benefit the victims in Texas. It’s amazing to see John and the school show support to the people affected.

It’s unfortunate to say, but it looks like things still aren’t over for Texas. It’s supposed to rain fairly heavy for the next week. Here are some more thoughts from Cal:

We’ll keep you updated on anything that transpires in the next few days regarding Kentucky guys and the situation as a whole. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all victims affected by the hurricane.