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Something ‘seismic’ brewing in college basketball recruiting


Northern Kentucky v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

When you hear the words ‘seismic’ and ‘recruiting,’ one has to think UK is somehow involved.

ESPN recruiting guru Fran Fraschilla thinks something large is coming in college hoops recruiting, though it’s hard to tell in what sense that may be. That is, if it’s even a real thing or just scuttlebutt.

If this is truly ‘seismic’ and it’s a recruit, you have to think it’s someone UK is recruiting. I doubt it has anything to do with R.J. Barrett, the No. 1 overall recruit who just announced his visit dates and plans to commit during the early signing period.

Perhaps this has something to do with Zion Williamson, who has been much quieter with his recruitment. The assumption is he’ll soon announce visit plans, take said visits, and then sign sometime this fall, but perhaps he’s about to throw some kind of curveball.

The 247 Crystal Ball isn’t offering many hints to any big developments, other than a lot of non-UK picks for Zion (even Duke got a recent pick).

My guess is this ‘seismic’ event is one of the following:

  1. Someone is ineligible: Whether it’s a current high school prospect or an incoming college freshman, this is the time of the year when we see players ruled ineligible for the upcoming season. You never want to see this, but this happens every year with at least one big-name high school recruit or college freshman. I seriously doubt it’s anyone at UK. It just so happens Franchilla was one of the first to report Terrance Ferguson heading overseas last year. Perhaps he’s gotten another scoop on a player heading overseas.
  2. Someone is reclassifying: With college and high school classes beginning or already having begun, we’re getting towards the deadline for players to reclassify and move up a class. Oh, did we mention Marvin Bagley is trying this? He may have picked Duke, but it’s no guarantee he’s cleared by the NCAA to play next season. I think it’s more likely someone is trying to reclassify from 2019 into 2018, but 2018 into 2017 isn’t out of the question.
  3. A big-name recruit is transferring to a big-time program: Going with No. 2, it’s getting close to the deadline with most schools to reclassify or transfer to a different school. Perhaps someone notable is making a last-minute move to a different school, though it’s hard to see how that could have a seismic effect in their recruitment.
  4. Mitchell Robinson changed his mind, again: Because after the way his recruitment went, another change of heart wouldn’t surprise anyone.
  5. Coach K announcing this is his final season: That would certainly be a seismic shift in college recruiting. K is getting up there in age and has already relinquished his Team USA coaching duties. Perhaps he’s ready to hang up the whistle after next season. K at Duke is a lock for a top-three class every year, but after landing arguably his best recruit ever in Bagley, maybe this is the season he’s ready to commit to being his last.

What do you think this ‘seismic’ news involves?