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Kentucky Wildcats react to solar eclipse

Some current and former Wildcats shared their eclipse experiences today.


Today’s eclipse captivated the entire state of Kentucky, as folks watched from home, or even traveled to Hopkinsville and Bowling Green (cheers to already living there) in order to get a good view of the moon blocking the sun in an extremely rare occurrence.

Ok, so it’s actually not that rare around the globe, but we’ll all be long gone before it happens in Kentucky again.

Current and former Kentucky Wildcats were among the masses of us who enjoyed the scientific phenomenon today, and their social media feeds prove it.

Devin Booker could totally drop 70 points on the moon...

Unless Karl-Anthony Towns is guarding him.


Seems like an awesome “team meeting.”

Not sure where you were to view the eclipse, Rex, but I’m assuming it did indeed get darker.

This one is just hilarious.

The ticket office had everything a student could need today.

Hopefully you all enjoyed the eclipse as much as the Cats did, and did so safely with protective glasses.