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Why John Calipari will win another title at UK

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An extremely positive take on Calipari’s future at UK.

John Calipari will win another title at UK.

That last post was hard to write, I am not normally a negative person but it was fun trying to put myself in the shoes of the extremely negative fans that are sadly a part of our fan base. This article is meant to cheer you up and is more of a true representation of my thoughts and opinions of Coach Cal and UK.

John Calipari will win multiple titles at UK.

Do you really think that John Calipari is happy with barely coming up short over the last few years? Do you really think he is just going to settle? You’re clinically insane if you don’t think Coach Cal wants to win every game he coaches. Why do you think he recruits the best of the best? Because he believes the best of the best gives him the best chance to win.

While you can look at Coach Cal’s results since 2009 and be disappointed, you also have to realize that no other college basketball program has been consistently in the hunt for a title like UK. That includes Duke and Kansas and all the others. Calipari is doing something at UK that will never be done again. Instead of focusing on the negative, let’s take some time to appreciate the great things he has done.

Here are five reasons Coach Cal will win multiple titles at UK.

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1. He’s got the best players. Why did Golden State just win the NBA Finals? They had the best players. Why did UK win the title in 2012? UK had the best players. As fans, we tend to overcomplicate what should be simple. The team with the best players will always have the best chance at winning a title. John Calipari might be the best recruiter to every coach in college basketball. Having stacked rosters has become something UK fans are accustomed to and instead of being thankful we tend to only point out the holes in the roster. Think back to most championships in any sport, the team with the best players wins the most championships.

2. Coach Cal is an amazing defensive coach. Why is Alabama always the best in college football? Defense. This statement, “offense wins games but defense wins championship“, is not just something coaches say to make defensive players feel better. IT IS THE TRUTH. Defense does win championships and Coach Cal is one of the best in the business at coaching players to play defense with intensity. Coach Cal’s best team in 2014-2015 was a defensive juggernaut that held a decent UCLA team to 7 points in the first half. Defense wins championships, and when you have a coach that can get elite athletes to play as a defensive unit, you will win championships, it’s only a matter of time.

3. College Basketball is a roller coaster. College basketball is a sport unlike any other. There are years when college basketball is incredible, this past year and the 2014-2015 years were evidence of that. There are also years when college basketball has been trash, 2010-2014 are great examples of that. All UK needs is another year when College basketball is down but UK has a stacked roster to bring home a championship. The nice thing about all this talent is that whatever level college basketball is, if UK has the top talent they will always compete for titles. This coming year has the potential for that to happen. UK has six McDonald’s All-Americans and that’s not including Hamidou Diallo, Wenyen Gabriel, Shai-Gilgeous Alexander, and Jemarl Baker. SO MUCH TALENT in a year when college basketball will not be at its best.

4. Coach Cal knows how to win in the NCAA Tournament. Yes, there has been a couple disappointing loses. However, UK more than any other team in college basketball performs at its best during March (we’re looking at you Duke and Kansas). Coach Cal is an excellent coach at getting his players ready for the most important time of the season. He’s an expert and he’s only going to get better.

5. It’s only a matter of time. When you consistently have the most talent and the best players, it’s only a matter of luck with timing and good match ups in brackets until Kentucky wins their 9th. Let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

John Calipari will win more titles at UK, it’s only a matter of time. Let’s hope he stays here as long as possible so that he can bring us fans tons of joy.