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Memphis Grizzlies bring in Tayshaun Prince as special assistant

The former Cat will make his impact on the NBA in a new front office role.

San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies - Game Four Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

While you will no longer be able to bring him off of your bench in NBA 2K18, former Kentucky Wildcats star Tayshaun Prince will still make his presence felt in the NBA this season.

As first reported by The Commercial Appeal, Prince is soon to be named as a special assistant to Memphis Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace.

While he has been something of a journeyman toward the end of his 14 year career, Prince’s first decade was spent playing a vital role with the early 2000’s Detroit Pistons teams that dominated the Eastern Conference and even won an NBA championship.

Once a feared defender (All-Defensive team 2004-2008), his reputation later became that of a glue guy. Prince has been known as a great locker room guy and a very supportive teammate.

“He’s a good friend and a great locker room guy,” former teammate Tony Allen said of Prince. “He’s a class A-1 guy. He knows how things are supposed to be run. He’s a champion.”

Prince is expected to bring a “unique voice” to the Grizzlies front office, according to The Commercial Appeal. It seems the new trend in the NBA is to bring in recent players with solid reputations so players can feel more connected to management. Recent retiree James Jones was hired earlier this summer for the Phoenix Suns, and Prince will be expected to play a similar role in Memphis.

As a well-loved former Wildcat, I’m sure Kentucky faithful would not object to his “unique voice” being heard in Lexington at some point in the future if he is successful in this new role. But for now, it’s just always good to see guys get an opportunity to continue to be a part of the game once their playing days are over.