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Saturday Quickies: Louisville’s Laugable Response Edition

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Louisville’s response to the NCAA is ludicrous, and more in today’s quickies.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Michigan vs Louisville Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning BBN, it’s time to laugh at Louisville again.

The University sent its full response to the NCAA Infractions Committee following their filing for appeal on the punishments for the prostitution scandal. The response, as you could have guessed, is absurdly self-righteous and shows how out of touch the University is with the infractions they committed.

There are a lot of laughable quotes, which you can read from the links below. But here’s my favorite.

It would be absurd, and grossly disproportionate, to hold that an individual who receives an unwanted and minor benefit during recruitment—say, a car ride worth $150—should have his entire collegiate record nullified if that conduct is discovered years later.

Apparently there’s no difference between buying a stripper for a minor and giving someone a ride in a car...this is news to me.

The real issue here is that Louisville continues to press the issue that the monetary value of their infractions wasn’t very much, and therefore all should be forgiven. At this point I can’t tell if they know what comes out of their statements is laughable, or if they’re just so morally bankrupt they really don’t understand that what they did is bad. But I suppose I can’t blame them; this is the worst recruiting violation in NCAA basketball history. They have to find a way to compare it to other violations, otherwise they’re stuck out on a corrupt island by themselves.

And it’s times like this when I like to remind everyone that Bruce Pearl threw a backyard BBQ for players and was fired. Rick Pitino failed to stop a prostitution circle in his program and his employer is going to throw down for him with the NCAA.

Simply put, Louisville is a corrupt joke, and if the NCAA responds with anything less than completely vacating every single win in question, including the 2013 National Championship, justice will not have been served.

And you can’t base punishments for this case off of any other NCAA scandal. There’s been nothing like this violation in NCAA history.

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