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Immanuel Quickley talks John Calipari, college visits, decision timeline in new blog post

More praise for Coach Cal and UK, as well as when Quickley wants to have a decision made.

USA Basketball

Immanuel Quickley is seen as the Kentucky Wildcats’ top point guard target in the 2018 class.

In his latest blog post for USA Today, Quickley wrote about his experience with Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari in Egypt. As you can imagine, it was glowing endorsements for the coach expected to eventually land Quickley’s pledge.

“Everything about the culture there to just getting to hangout with the best players in the country was a fun experience,” Quickley wrote. “Of course, everyone knows that Coach Calipari was the coach for the U19 team that I played on, and that was a great experience. I know he’s coached a lot of different types of point guards, and just to work with him and have him be hands on with me was a lot of fun.”

Quickley also addressed the idea of Calipari gaining an advantage in his recruitment by coaching the team.

“Everyone wants to know if him coaching me was an advantage because he’s one of the coaches that’s recruiting me and I’d have to say it was. We didn’t talk about recruiting at all, but just spending that time with him and getting to know him better on and off the court was a lot of fun. I think it would’ve been an advantage with anyone who coached that team.”

It has been assumed that the experience really helped Calipari gain an upper hand with Quickley, although Kentucky was seen as the leader going in.

Quickley also gave Kentucky fans an idea of when his decision might be announced. He is planning official visits the first three weekends in September, with his visit to Kentucky coming September 15, then make a decision before his senior season of high school basketball opens, though he did add a decision could come earlier.

If the visit to Kentucky goes well, Quickley may go ahead and commit shortly after the visit. Many expect him to be the first commit in Kentucky’s class.

You can read Quickley’s full blog here.

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