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Zion Williamson and John Calipari have great relationship, talking frequently

Cal and Zion are becoming BFFs.

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The July recruiting period has been great for Zion Williamson. His stock continues to rise and he has been more than impressive in recent travel appearances.

While he is not the top-rated player in the 2018 class, he is easily the most well known. Thankfully, he is also more open than most to talk about his recruitment.

(Pause for a dunk break...)

In a recent interview with Corey Evans from Rivals, Williamson discussed his texting habits with the schools that many believe to be favorites for the phenom: Duke, Kentucky and Kansas.

Apparently Duke’s staff texts by committee and talks about versatility, Bill Self talks about the veteran support he would have on the court (i.e. players not good enough to be drafted), and Calipari texts more often than anyone.

“Coach Cal texts me every two days,” Williamson said. “He just says if my dream is to get to the NBA, I can help you do that. They are just known for that, making one-and-dones.”

As the tea leaves seem to be pointing toward Williamson landing in Lexington anyway, Kentucky fans have to love the idea that Coach Cal is building such a strong relationship with him.

(Dunk break...)

According to Williamson, we should see him commit to a school before we get another Star Wars movie.

“I will probably commit in October or November before my high school season starts. For me, when I feel like the time is right, I will make my decision.”

Williamson plans to schedule his official visits geographically, starting on the west coast and working his way back toward home. So Big Blue Nation should not freak out if Lexington is one of the later stops on his tour.

(Slow-mo dunk break...)

It can be fun to speculate on what these texting conversations actually look like. But the real question may be whether or not they have a group text going with Williamson’s BFF and 5-star point guard Immanuel Quickley.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a few more of Zion’s spectacular dunks from over the weekend:

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