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John Calipari Goes Mega Swaggy Doing Drive-by Dunk Challenge

After Anthony Davis jumped in on the challenge, John Calipari found his own rim to demolish.

North Carolina v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

No one is safe from drive-by dunking, and it appears there’s no one unwilling to join the fun.

For a refresher, the "Drive-by Dunk Challenge" has taken off recently. All it requires is a basketball, a car, some swaggy background music, and of course, an unsuspecting rim.

We’ve already see one Kentucky Wildcats connection in the challenge through Anthony Davis, who did the dunk challenge on Thursday.

24 hours later, Davis’ college coach joined in on the fun. Late Friday night, John Calipari became the latest celebrity to engage in some drive-by dunking, presumably after attending recruiting events.

Calipari made sure to enjoy every moment of it:

Calipari continues to find new and intuitive ways to show off his swagginess, which appears to know no bounds. It’s also good to see him having a little fun while traveling across the country finding the next crop of Wildcats to coach up.

Oh, and Hamidou Diallo loves the swag of his coach:

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