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Could a team of former Kentucky Wildcats beat an NBA super team? We may find out

DeWayne Peevy is pushing to get one of the NBA’s top teams to come to Rupp Arena for this year’s Alumni Game.

DeWayne Peevy, the Deputy Director of Athletics at UK, was the guest host of Kentucky Sports Radio this morning. In addition to an always interesting call from Coach Calipari, Peevy shared an idea that Kentucky Wildcats fans have wanted to see for years.

“Everybody talks about this All-Kentucky basketball team,” Peevy told KSR. “I’d like to invite one of these so-called NBA super teams to play against us. Whether it’s the Warriors, the Rockets, all these people who are putting these teams together, come play us, an All-Kentucky team, at Rupp Arena on August 25 for charity. Let’s do it.”

According to Peevy, he has already reached out to Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors and James Harden of the Houston Rockets. During his conversation with Calipari, who was skeptical of Peevy’s ability to get this done, he asked the coach to put out some feelers to his friend LeBron James about bringing the Cleveland Cavaliers to town.

Big Blue Nation has long debated how well an All-Kentucky team would do in the NBA. Line-ups have been argued, video game simulations have taken place, and the NBA trade deadline is full of anticipation that a former-Wildcat super team may come together.

Although getting this done may be a long shot, it may be enough for many to go ahead and secure tickets later this week for the Alumni Charity Game that will take place on August 25th. Who wouldn’t want to watch a super squad of UK alumni square off against the defending NBA champions?

Do you think they would have a shot?