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Zion Williamson and Immanuel Quickley may be package deal for Kentucky Wildcats Basketball

John Calipari is drooling somewhere.

SLAM Magazine

Two of the best players in the class of 2018, superstar guard Immanuel Quickley and nationwide phenomenon Zion Williamson, squared off against each other at the Adidas Final. Quickley came out on top, but that’s not the biggest headline of the day.

No, the biggest headline of the day is that afterwards, the two made it clear that they could be a package deal when it comes to their recruitment.

“We actually just talked about it after the game,” Quickley said about a potential package deal, according to Nick Roush of KSR. “He’s going to talk to his mom. I’m going to talk to my people and we’re going to try to get it done.”

Williamson’s quote shows that they’re on the same page when it comes to wanting to play together.

“Me and Immanuel are good friends,” Williamson said. “We bonded over the Adidas Path and I just love the way he plays point guard. That’s the type of point guard I want to play with.”

And to top those quotes off, Quickley tweeted this...

It’s safe to say they like the idea of playing together, which is great for Calipari. Not only did Williamson say earlier in the week that he has a good relationship with the Kentucky staff, but Kentucky is currently the overwhelming favorite for Quickley, with many already considering him to be as close to a sure thing as you can get. If they’re going all-in on this package deal, Kentucky has to be the early favorite to land them both.

And if that happens, well, get ready for a lot of this in Rupp Arena.

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