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Zion Williamson and John Calipari have strong relationship; Decision coming soon?

The high school phenom has a great relationship with UK, and he could pick a school very soon.

Jeff Blake, USA TODAY Sports Images

High school phenom Zion Williamson gave Kentucky fans a good sign after dropping 31 points in the Adidas Uprising Gauntlet, saying that he and John Calipari are close.

“We have a really good relationship,” Williamson said of Cal, according to KSR. “He tells me if my dream is to go to the NBA, he can help me achieve that.”

Kentucky is one of several schools believed to be in the hunt for Williamson. The others include South Carolina, Clemson, Duke, Kansas and North Carolina. Williamson hasn’t made any definitive list, and says he won’t do so at any point.

Despite saying earlier in the year that he wasn’t worried about recruiting just yet, Williamson now says he is planning on making a decision before his senior high school season starts.

“I want to hopefully pick a school before my season starts so I can get that out of the way,” Williamson said.

What Williamson wants in a coach seems to be exactly what Calipari can provide. That includes the best preparation for the next level that any school can offer. Calipari has shown he can take elite players and put them in the best position to be drafted high while also having success in the NBA.

Williamson has the kind of talent that could have him drafted very high in what’s shaping up to be a monster 2019 draft class. That may very well include Marvin Bagley, R.J. Barrett, Bol Bol and Cameron Reddish. Staying on their level and even exceeding them will take a special coach and a special school to help Williamson accomplish this.

You can read the rest of the story here, which includes the Spartanburg, South Carolina native discussing South Carolina’s run to the Final Four this past year.

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