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Quade Green embracing Tyler Ulis comparison

Green says he and Ulis have a bulldog mentality as smaller guards.

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With the number of successful point guards John Calipari has had in his time at Kentucky, it’s no surprise that every new commit gets compared to one of them.

For Quade Green, the closest comparison might be Tyler Ulis.

Green has the height advantage over Ulis, as Green stands 6’1”. In a recent interview with Larry Vaught, Green talked about that comparison.

“I watched Tyler play all the time. He went to Kentucky and I looked at his game and what Cal did for him and what he did for Cal on the basketball court. How he got big men the ball and how he got his points. I looked at all that.”

Green is quite similar to Ulis in his ability to lead, as well as his pass-first mentality and his bulldog mentality as a smaller player. That kind of mentality endeared Ulis to his teammates almost as soon as he got to UK’s campus. Green is hoping to do the same.

“I am a little guy. Everybody tries me, but ain’t no back down with Quade, man,” Green said.

Ulis challenged 6-11 DeMarcus Cousins, a NBA star, during a summer pickup game when he got to Kentucky.

“I heard about that. That’s the bulldog in us. He don’t care,” Green said. “I would do the same thing. We might be little, but we don’t play small. We can play as big and tough as anyone.”

If Green produces the way Ulis did his sophomore year, that’ll be all John Calipari and the BBN could ever ask for. Be sure to read the full interview here.

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