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Zion Williamson is already a rockstar

Driven by his own success, the Kentucky target is finding an abundance of motivation lately.

SLAM Magazine

Just in case you do not follow college basketball recruiting and you have never heard of YouTube, let me tell you about Zion Williamson. He is the #2 recruit in the 2018 class, his 17th birthday was this past week, and he very well may be the best dunker in the world...regardless of age.

Williamson is one of the most athletic recruits that we have seen in quite some time (in any sport). His various highlight clips have gotten millions of views and have gained the attention of certain celebrities. Williamson spoke a bit about this on a recent blog post for USA TODAY HSS.

Ever since I talked about my relationships with guys like Drake and Quavo on my blog, people always want to know if I still talk to those people,“ Williamson said. “It still amazes me the celebrities that reach out to me. I don’t think that will ever get old! I’ve heard from Dez Bryant, Shaq, The Professor recently too!It’s exciting!”

You heard that right, Williamson has apparently become “friends” with Drake. Earlier this year, the Canadian megastar had a custom replica jersey made to represent his then 16-year-old friend.

I am sure that makes it easy to stay humble.

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After being selected to be the most recent cover athlete on SLAM Magazine, Williamson talked about what it is like to receive all of this attention at this stage of his career.

“I was so excited when I heard they were putting me on the cover; with all of the great players around the country they still picked me! Wow. It was humbling; like always, things like that just make me want to go harder in my training and when I’m playing.”

The ceiling for Williamson, both on and off the court, is out of this world at this point. If he can hone his athleticism and focus on his fundamentals, he could be a long-time NBA All-Star. And if he keeps running in these high-class social circles, his celebrity status will only continue to rise.

The 247 Crystal Ball for the South Carolina native has a tight race between, you guessed it, Kentucky and Duke. So let’s hope that when Zion is kicking it with Drake, everyone around is rocking Kentucky blue.

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