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Malik Monk is poised to take the NBA by storm

The former Kentucky standout is oozing confidence as he steps into his rookie season with the Hornets.

NCAA Basketball: Stephen F. Austin at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

In a bit of a surprise at the 2017 NBA Draft, Malik Monk was left on the board when the Charlotte Hornets made their selection with the 11th pick. Most of the last predictions for this draft had Monk going in the top ten; Monk and his agent shared in this belief. He didn’t even fly out to Charlotte to work out for them before the draft believing he wouldn’t be available at number 11.

But fate works in strange ways and Monk is settling into his new home in Charlotte.

It’s been less than a week, but Hornets fans are already getting a taste of why BBN had so much fun watching Monk last season. In an interview with the Charlotte Observer’s Scott Fowler, Monk talked about himself, his game, and how he envisions his rookie year going in the NBA.

In the interview, Monk was not afraid to let his confidence shine. He said his range was better than Steph Curry’s and that when the big moments come, he wants the ball in his hands. His short stint with the Wildcats proves that he can be trusted in those late game situations; and he has great mentors within the Hornets organization in Michael Jordan and Kemba Walker to help hone that killer instinct.

In addition to that confidence, Monk understands that he’s a rookie and there will be a learning curve. He’s ready to tackle that. He talks about hitting the weight room to bulk up to help with finishing at the rim against NBA bigs. He wants to become the best learner and the best listener as he learns about playing in the league. To realize his goal of being Rookie of the Year next season, he’ll have to and he has a great opportunity to learn from the best.

Best of luck in Charlotte Malik. We’ll be cheering for you.