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De’Aaron Fox Should Step Into Leadership Role For Kings

Sacramento has searched for years for a PG to lead them

2017 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

In the era of “small ball” in the NBA the point guard is king. And the new king of the Kings is now De’Aaron Fox.

Sacramento has gone through a long list of potential program point guards over the past decade. Some of the players the Kings tried at the position include Tyreke Evans. Jimmer Fredette, Rajon Rondo, Darren Collison and Ty Lawson.

For various reasons none of these players worked out. From politics to age issues the Kings went through many trials. The one true star that slipped through their fingers was Isiah Thomas, who had not blossomed at the time he parted ways with the Kings.

Fox is looked at as the great point guard to run the Sacramento offense. Vlade Divac, general manager of the Kings, seems thrilled with their draft choice.

Fox brings the speed, the ball handling and the court sense to the team that they have lacked in recent years. And his personality screams leadership with his work ethic and positive outlook. Speaking to the AP Fox said, "A lot of people say I could be a franchise-changer, and that's what I really want to be."

Fox has plenty of room to add to his game. His shooting has been a major concern. He shot under 25% from beyond the three point line. The fact that he shot almost 48% from the floor shows that he can definitely score. Just not from long range. And that is considered a problem in the modern game.

The comparisons have been made between Fox and former UK standout John Wall. Both were very fast in college and both attacked the basket well. And both struggled from outside. Wall has improved his jump shot considerably since entering the league. It is hoped that Fox will also improve as a shooter.

Fox thinks his shooting is better than most believe.

“I can shoot the ball well. I stay in the gym. I’ve always been a gym rat. I’ve always been working on my shot. That’s just one thing. And that I’m a fighter. Even if I’m tired and my hands are on my knees, you’re still going to get the most out of me.”

Fox appreciates the comparison to Wall and said this in an interview with ESPN:

"A lot of the comparisons are to John Wall, and you saw how he was competing and how he was playing in the playoffs. So if I'm able to use my speed the way he was, then speed kills. And you can't really teach it."

Wall has the physical tools and the personality to lead the Kings. With the addition of Justin Jackson, the second draft pick of the Kings, the team could turn things around soon.

It is true that speed can’t be taught. You either bring it with you to the NBA or you find another way. The true greats have their abilities and they make the most of them. With practice Fox could improve his shooting and practice is something Fox knows well.

His work ethic is extremely good. He already has the ability to play great defense and to create space with his speed. Add his ability to go left or right with the ball then make good choices and you have the makings of a truly great point guard.