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De’Aaron Fox would have gone No. 1 if Kings had top pick in NBA Draft, says Vlade Divac

It is the Kings, so maybe they really would have...

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

De’Aaron Fox was a special player for the Kentucky Wildcats. The hope is he’ll do the same for the Sacramento Kings in the NBA after being drafted fifth overall in the NBA Draft.

Kings president Vlade Divac seems convinced that will happen. Not long after the draft ended, Divac said the Kings would’ve taken Fox at No. 1 if they had the top pick. according to James Ham of NBC Sports California:

“Screaming,” Divac said about the reaction in the room to Fox falling in their lap. “It was a guy that we all loved and in some way, if we had the number 1 pick, he would’ve been our guy.”

“De’Aaron is our future,” Divac added.

“I feel like we can grow together,” Fox said of the Kings’ young core. “Of course, it’s going to take some time, but every franchise takes time.”

We all love Fox, but I don’t believe the Kings would’ve taken him No. 1 overall. Divac, like many NBA personnel after a draft, is simply pumping up their pick as much as possible.

Similarly, the Celtics said they would have taken Jayson Tatum had they kept the No. 1 overall pick. We hear these kinds of statements made in all pro sports when they draft a player. Whether it’s ‘he was No. 1 on our board’ or ‘we got a huge steal getting [Player] here,’ this is a common overture we see with pro teams and their new additions.

Still, it’s great to see Fox getting this kind of praise. Let’s hope he lives up to it.