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John Calipari recaps another successful NBA Draft for Kentucky Basketball

Coach Cal spends most of draft day feeling the love from his guys as their NBA dreams are realized.

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Chalk up another successful daft for John Calipari.

On Thursday, Calipari watched as three of his Kentucky Wildcats were selected in the first 14 picks of the 2017 NBA Draft. De’Aaron Fox to the Kings was expected, Malik Monk falling to the Hornets was a minor surprise, and Bam Adebayo going 14th to the Heat was a pleasent surprise.

No other school matched that mark, and no one has been better at getting players drafted than Coach Cal.

As you can imagine, Cal was pumping his chest just a little bit when he got a chance to hop on the ESPN broadcast of the draft.

Via Tyler Thompson:

After his ESPN spot, Calipari briefly spoke with reporters before heading off to Colorado to continue training with his Team USA U19 teamL

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