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Is Bam Adebayo sneaking into the NBA Draft Lottery?

Bam has been rising fast, enough that he may actually go within the first 14 picks.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky Media Day Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

What’s the best landing spot for Edrice “Bam” Adebayo?

If you’ve payed any attention at all, it’s pretty apparent De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk will go in the first 10 picks of the 2017 NBA draft. But where will Kentucky’s third freshman one-and-done, Edrice “Bam” Adebayo land?

If you look at any mock drafts you’ll get Adebayo getting drafted all across the board. Adebayo has a versatile set that will help many teams out right away. Adebayo can run the floor well and clean the glass, and now there is are rumors he is working on developing a three-point shot, which should make his draft stock rise higher and higher.

We looked at five different mock drafts and got five different landing spots for Adebayo. What’s the best fit for Bam?

Bleacher Report has Adebayo going the highest to Charlotte at 11, is that still the case with Charlotte acquiring Dwight Howard from Atlanta just days before the draft? Who knows. I still believe Charlotte would be a great fit for Adebayo, especially now that they have Howard. At 6 feet 10 inches tall, Adebayo is still a little undersized to be a true center in the NBA, so I believe his best fit is playing next to a true big like Howard.

And it just so happens that ESPN reports that teams in the late part of the lottery are considering Bam:

Bam Adebayo was once considered by some as a high lottery pick, then his stock took a hit. However, now several teams late in lottery intrigued due to fact he can rebound, roll to run and defend pick and roll.

If Bam slips out of the lottery, both the Nets and the Magic seem like odd matches for Adebayo, and I believe Adebayo was just the best player on the board at the time these mock’s were being made.

Indy, however, will soon enter a youth movement and if Adebayo can be paired with Myles Turner, that forms one scary frontcourt. Another good landing spot for Adebayo would be Portland. Adebayo could play with Jusuf Nurkic to make a very versatile front court paired with an already lethal backcourt.

Another good option for Adebayo not listed could be the Utah Jazz at 24. The Jazz power forward situation is currently up in the air with only one year left on Derrick Favors contract and Boris Diaw is quickly aging. The Jazz organization has proven they can develop bigs, just look what they have done to Rudy Gobert. Speaking of Gobert, Adebayo could play next to another great pure big, similar to the aforementioned Turner and Howard.

Alternatively, Adebayo could end up with be the defending champion Golden State Warriors. You may question this one because the Warriors don't have a draft pick. Well, as we all know anything can happen on NBA draft night, and there are rumors that the Warriors are interested in buying or trading into the draft.

Former first-round picks Kevon Looney and Damian Jones haven't had much of a chance to develop; but with the Warriors spending so much money on retaining their core, they will need to rely heavily on their youth.

The Warriors would be a good fit for Adebayo because of their need for young bigs and the culture Golden State’s organization provides. Adebayo would have an immediate chance at playing time and would also get to learn from Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and savvy veteran David West if he decides to return.

The NBA Draft is less than an hour away and we will soon know where Adebayo’s NBA career will begin.