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2017 NBA Draft Open Thread & Reading


NBA: NBA Draft 2015
The Maestro; “game’s the same, just got more fierce” - Slim Charles
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It has finally arrived — the glorious annual confluence of college basketball and the NBA! At least one member of the Martinez family is bathing suit-only and baking pepperoni rolls right now.

Coverage of the 2017 NBA Draft begins at 7:00 p.m. EST on ESPN. At least three Wildcats will be selected, and two others (Isaiah Briscoe and Isaac Humphries) appear to be on the fringe of having their names called late in the second round.

If you haven’t already pored over my abridged Big Board for the year (and voted for De’Aaron Fox as the #1 prospect, of course), do so now. Also, here is Zac’s ASoB preview and Drew’s ASoB mock.

Treat the comment section as your hub for chatter. I’LL BE UP UNTIL AT LEAST 8:30!

ASoB ‘Cat Draft Profiles: Malik Monk (James) / De’Aaron Fox (Jeremy) / Bam Adebayo (James)

Features on Four Dudes Whose Careers, I BELIEVE, Will Transcend Their Draft Positions

Sterling Brown (G) SMU: “Sterling Brown is the NBA draft sleeper you want your team to take” by J.Z. Mazlish (SB Nation)

Brown’s your first Martinez McCaw Award Winner for 2017. I blame Daddy Brain for forgetting about him when penning the aforelinked Big Board. I’d put him in the late teens.

Tyler Lydon (F) Syracuse: “NBA Draft Profile: Tyler Lydon” by Steve Dewald (Blazer’s Edge)

As Lydon returned for his sophomore year, we had more time to dissect (negatively, as it always happens) his game, but I still believe he is a solid 3-and-D big prospect who can grab 5+ boards per night off the bench.

From my piece on 4* player appreciation from last summer:

“Simply put, Lydon is what everyone expected [Skal] Labissiere to be last season — a silky and long shot blocker with an excellent jumper and offensive range at the 4.

His most impressive attribute is his adept shot. He shot 48% overall and 41% (!!!) from outside the perimeter on about 3 attempts per game last season. On the other end, Lydon is an aggressive but skilled and restrained defender. He notched 1.8 blocks and 1.1 steals per game, while committing just 2.7 fouls per.”

Edmond Sumner (G) Xavier: “2017 NBA Draft Profile: Edmond Sumner” by Eugene Rapay (Big East Coast Bias)

I’ve loved this kid since he came out of Michigan as a vastly underrated 4* in 2014 and if you click the 4* link from above, you’ll see that he was the 2016 recipient of the Honorary Kris Dunn Award, as my favorite non-’Cat NCAAB player to watch and effusively gush about to ASoBers. He is also the second Martinez McCaw award winner for 2017. SO MANY MARTINEZ AWARDS.

But for the durability issues, he’d be a fringe lottery prospect.

Also from last summer’s 4* piece:

“Not only is Sumner my favorite non-UK player, he’s the reason that I might finally be accurate when forecasting Xavier to advance past the Sweet 16 in my March Madness bracket.

He is quite evocative of (you guessed it!) Dunn. On the plus side: optimal PG size (though Sumner is an inch taller), elite defensive capabilities, decent scorers at the rim, seemingly preternatural court visions, and crisp and decisive passing. The negatives: raw shooters (though Sumner is a superior free throw shooter, at 73% last season), somewhat foolhardy at times, and durability questions.

Last February, in (then) #5 XU’s win over (then) #1 and eventual NCAAT Champion Villanova, Sumner delivered one of the best comprehensive PG performances I saw all season: 19 points, 9 assists, and 6 rebounds in 33 minutes. He all but humiliated ‘Nova’s super-frosh PG Jalen Brunson and NCAAT MOP Ryan Arcidiacono. Don’t be surprised if he notches one or two triple-doubles this season. At the very least, expect him to average 14-5-5-2 per game.”

No triple doubles last season (in 21 games prior to injury), but I was close on the season line: 15-5-4.3-1.3 per.

D.J. Wilson (PF) Michigan: “As NBA draft approaches, Michigan's D.J. Wilson trending as late first-round pick” by Brendan F. Quinn (M Live)

Questions for Discussion

Is the top tier of this Draft occupied exclusively by Markelle Fultz? Or do you include other top 5 prospects like Fox, Josh Jackson, Jonathan Isaac, and Jayson Tatum in that tier?

Bam Adebayo. Where do you think he goes and where are his best fits?

What is Brooklyn’s plan? Is there one?

Who’s your draft steal?

Who’s the most overrated prospect in the Draft not named Lonzo Ball?


Have at it.