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Louis King looks to impress John Calipari, says he and Cameron Reddish could be package deal

King wants to make the U19 team and earn a UK scholarship in the process. Then he may want to team up with Reddish...

Inside The Hall

Louis King is a five-star 6’8” small forward with a ton of athleticism. He’s got offers from schools like Kansas, Louisville and Syracuse.

But he still doesn’t have one offer that he really wants, and that’s an offer from John Calipari and Kentucky.

After making the preliminary cut for the U19 team, King is hoping to change that as he continues to practice in front of Cal every day.

“Coach Cal has seen a lot in what I did the past three days,” King said, according to SEC Country. “I wanted to come here and make the team, show that Coach Cal can coach me, that I’m able to listen and do what he wants me to do. I’ve been talking to him a lot lately. He just tells me to rebound the ball and show my length on the defensive end.”

With this camp, Cal gets a chance to learn a lot about players he didn’t know too well beforehand. He gave some insight on how to make an impression with him.

“If you’re a big man, go block shots and rebound every ball and defend like crazy. If you’re a wing, be a disruptive wing or be a guy who can get in the lane and attack or be a knockdown shooter,” he said. “You’ve got to add something to what we have.”

Despite the offers King already has, he wants a UK offer. And if he gets one, he and Cameron Reddish (a five-star recruit and top-five player in his class) could be a package deal.

“If Coach Cal gives me an offer,” King said, “me and Cam might be able to go to Kentucky.”

Reddish is at the Team USA Camp as well, and already has an offer form Cal. That’d be quite the package deal.