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Bol Bol has full attention of John Calipari

His increased production has Cal watching the 7’2” Bol with hopes of landing him.

2017 CIF Southern Section Boys Open Division Championship - Semifinals Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

When your last name is Bol and you’re 7’2”, you’re going to attract the attention of a lot of college coaches. That’s the case for Manute Bol’s son, Bol Bol, who has the full attention of John Calipari, according to a recent article on SEC Country.

Bol won the MVP award on the Nike AAU circuit this year, averaging 24.1 points, 10 boards and 4.5 blocks. He also shot 49% from three-point range.

But he wasn’t always that good, and Calipari noted that.

“I saw him a year ago,” Calipari said, shaking his head as if to communicate: He wasn’t good enough to play for the Wildcats. “Then I saw him a month ago and I’m like, ‘Is that him?’ ”

While most players improve slow and steady, Calipari explained, raising one hand at a slight angle, “his stuff went like that,” shooting a hand straight up at a steep incline. “And they say each month you see the kid, he’s just getting better and better.”’s Evan Daniels has Bol as the No. 2 recruit in the 2018 class.

“He has taken a big leap forward in his offensive development and his confidence,” Daniels said. “He blocks shots, rebounds, has a ton of offensive potential, great hands, a nice shooting touch and runs to the rim. Any time you’ve got a guy with this many tools at 7-2, he’s an elite prospect. And he’s only going to get better as he gets stronger.”

With Bol’s increased production, Calipari gave him a scholarship offer in April. It was later than other schools, but it was a Kentucky offer nonetheless.

“It makes sense. I didn’t play as good before as I do now,” Bol said. “I used to have a little attitude, but I stopped that. I didn’t really listen. Now I’m just playing harder, working harder, and it’s starting to show. It kind of makes me happy that (Calipari) and other people see that in me now.”

Bol is currently at Team USA Camp with Cal, and could be spending a few weeks with him if he makes the team.

“The main thing I’m looking for is a good relationship with the coach. That’s really the most important thing,” Bol said. “I think (USA camp) helps a lot, because if I do make the team, I’ll be around him a lot longer and our relationship will grow closer. It’s been pretty fun so far because he challenges everyone to get better. He doesn’t yell, but the way he talks, everyone just listens to him.

“Kentucky has been a great school and he’s been a great coach for a long time. Pretty much anyone who goes there makes the NBA.”

That high praise of Kentucky isn’t something new for Bol. Apparently, he’s wanted to go to Kentucky since he was eight.

“When he was like 8 years old, Manute was talking to him and asked what college he wanted to go to,” Bol’s mother, Ajok said. “He goes, ‘Kentucky.’ We said, ‘Kentucky?’ I don’t know why, but he just kept telling his dad, ‘I want to go to Kentucky.’ For some reason, that was his dream.”

Ajok also said Bol was very excited when finding out that she had spoken to Cal over the phone.

Evan Daniels has Arizona and Kentucky as the favorites to land Bol, but he’s in no rush to make his decision.

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