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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Team USA Under-19 Edition

Coach Cal will be leading Team USA U-19 this year with an eye toward the Olympics.

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies.

Today, I want to talk briefly about John Calipari’s latest part-time job coaching the USA Basketball Under-19 team, and what that may mean going forward for Kentucky basketball.

This is a gig that Billy Donovan had for quite a while when he was at Florida, and many people saw this as a big help to Billy D. on the recruiting trail. Assuming that is so, it can’t hurt for Coach Cal to have the job, either. The thing is, Calipari really doesn’t need the help, but hey — I’m sure he’ll take it!

Dick Weiss has a piece on this subject today, and although he does mention the possible recruiting benefits, he talks about Calipari’s desire to be the coach of Olympic basketball team, a job that Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has excelled at over the last few olympic cycles:

Calipari has paid his dues. He built a Naismith Hall of Fame resume at UMass, Memphis and Kentucky that includes one national championship in 2012 and six trips to the NCAA Final Four in 1996, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015 as well as producing an assembly line of players who have been NBA first round draft picks.

And he was willing to step up under adverse conditions, taking his team into an seemingly unstable situation in a Middle East country that has experienced its share of violence recently.

Read the whole thing.

Tweet of the Morning

Sounds like a very good group of coaches.

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  • NBA draft links and opinion. Matt Norlander thinks that Malik Monk is overrated.

    I disagree strongly with Norlander. I think he is about where he should be. Monk is a prodigious talent that just needs to be coached to achieve a very high, perhaps all-star level.

  • How will the NCAA’s punishments for Louisville affect North Carolina? Well, I suspect that if they declare player academically ineligible due to fraud, some more banners will be coming down. UNC could be the first team to win and lose a NCAA Tournament championship in the same year.

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