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Jarred Vanderbilt injury update by John Calipari

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Somewhat good news.

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It looks like Jarred Vanderbilt should be good to go soon, but he’s not quite there yet.

During a conference call Tuesday, Kentucky head coach John Calipari said that while Vanderbilt has not resumed practicing yet, the incoming freshman should be good to go fairly soon.

Calipari said that team doctors have examined Vanderbilt and determined there was nothing serious to worry about.

"He's not started playing with us. Probably two weeks [away]," Calipari said. " I think he'll be fine. There aren't any issues."

The injury in question came in the final seconds of the Jordan Brand Classic on April 15th, where Vanderbilt injured his foot while driving to the basket. He was writhing in pain initially before being helped off the court, but he later posted on Instagram that he was fine.

Still, whatever the injury was, it was pretty significant if it’s held Vanderbilt out for almost two months now. Neither Vanderbilt nor Kentucky has specified what the exact injury was, which makes you wonder how bad it is.

The good news is Calipari indicates that they’re just playing it safe with Vanderbilt so there’s no setback or re-injury.

"I just want to make sure when we hit November he's in his stride," Calipari said. "He'll be fine. He's in good shape."

We can only hope.