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TimeSet announces partnership with John Calipari

John Calipari has gotten in on the goal setting app game, because of course he has.

TimeSet is a social discovery and global exploration app that allows users to set and share goals with each other, and encourages people to join in on adventures with one another. According to, the company announced a partnership with Kentucky Coach John Calipari on Monday.

"As someone who has so many notable career and lifetime achievements and who puts so much emphasis on helping others, Coach Cal is an incredible partner for TimeSet," says Founder and CEO, Leo Riza. "With the app's exclusive bucket list feature and Coach Cal's enthusiasm, we will be able to empower more people to set and reach their future goals with TimeSet."

If this sounds random to you, it’s because Calipari is once again trying to stay out in front of everyone else by trying something new. He feels that this app can help bring Kentucky fans together in a variety of ways.

"The Big Blue Nation knows that when I get involved in these types of things, I always ask two things: One, is anyone else doing it? And two, how can we use this to be more transparent and to give our fans a better idea of how we do things at Kentucky?" Calipari said. "When I sat down and really looked into this, it gives us another way and another platform of showing what we're about at Kentucky and where we're headed. It's a unique way to let our fans in and will even give me a personal list -- a bucket list, if you will -- to help guide myself. And then I loved the fact that this is something new and something no one else is doing yet. Now I know that will change once our fans get a hold of it, but we take pride in being the first to do something when it's something special like this."

Still confused about what TimeSet actually does?

So do you think Coach Cal is forging a new path here, or does it look more like he is jumping the shark?