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Kevin Knox recruiting update and final predictions for college decision

We gathered our staff for Kevin Knox predictions and debate who is actually the best fit for this elite wing.

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Where will Kevin Knox attend college?

We’ll know Saturday where the five-star forward out of Tampa is going. Ranked as a top-10 prospect by nearly every recruiting service, Knox is set to decide between Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida State, Duke and Missouri.

On the eve of his decision, no one is certain as to where Knox will go. Since the fall, we’ve seen all five schools get buzz for being his leader. It now looks like Florida State is the school getting some late momentum.

As to how Knox will decide, it sounds like it will be a simple announcement on Twitter, according to the News Observer.

Tampa Catholic coach Don Dziagwa said Kevin Knox Sr. told him Friday morning that the five-star recruit will make his announcement on social media, possibly Twitter.

“We were going to have a school-wide assembly and have him announce it in front of the entire student body, and there would be newspapers and TV stations,” Dziagwa said, “but he doesn’t want all that fanfare.

“What has really made it hard for him is the five schools are all such good schools with good coaches. I don’t think it will be hard for him to make a decision. I think it’s hard for him that though (Knox’s) not going to those schools (he’s) got to tell those coaches. It’s hard for him to say ‘no.’ ”

Until then, we gathered our staff for a final roundtable on where Knox will go, as well as who is actually the best fit for him.

Justin Hodges

A Kevin Knox commitment to Kentucky would boost what is already an outstanding class for Kentucky. We're obviously still waiting on Mo Bamba's decision, but adding Knox would be the icing on the cake. He'd be the top recruit Kentucky has for 2017, as he is a consensus top-five recruit. Knox is obviously extremely close with the current recruits Kentucky has, who were draped all over him at the McDonald's All-American Game.

Me personally, I don't think Knox ends up a Wildcat. Something about the vibe of his situation doesn't feel right. I consider it highly unlikely that Florida State or Duke lure him in, and I've heard numerous reports say that Missouri is out of the running despite their obvious appeal factor. For me, the most likely landing spot for Knox is North Carolina.

The defending national champions haven't made much noise in terms of recruiting, but they have been all in on Knox. There's a wide open spot for him to come in and play big time minutes right away which is more than what other schools offer. They're also in good condition to win, even with some players leaving from their championship squad.

This is obviously just speculation, but I feel good about Knox landing in Chapel Hill

James Streble

Out of the three big fish left in John Calipari's 2017 recruiting pond, this is the one I feel the least secure about him reeling in. The 6'8 small forward from Tampa, Florida is an elite scorer and will make an immediate impact on whichever team he chooses. He has a nice shooting range, and he's able to get to the basket. He is a matchup problem for defenders and would add scoring to a Kentucky team that looks a little thin in that department.

The problem is that Kentucky is pretty set at the wing right now with Jarred Vanderbilt and Wenyen Gabriel. Not to mention John Calipari picking up his interest in Pitt transfer Cameron Johnson who is also 6'8 and is actually a better outside shooter. Kentucky has been behind Duke and North Carolina for Knox, and I don't see that changing before Saturday.

I think Knox picks UNC and makes the Tar Heels the #1 team going into the 2017-18 season.

Jamie Boggs

Kevin Knox's recruitment is one of the more bland that I can remember. While writers have to speculate who they think he will pick, nobody has ever seemed to feel strongly in any direction.

If Knox were to commit to Kentucky, he would definitely fill a void in the rotation. As a true small forward, he would be one of the few that John Calipari has ever brought to Lexington. Currently, it looks like P.J. Washington or Jarred Vanderbilt would be playing down a position as a big 3, which would be in contrast to the three-guard rotations Kentucky fans have seen in recent years.

Knox would make the lineup more balanced and allow for a fluctuation of big and small lineups. Even if he does not turn out to be a superstar, Knox changes the entire dynamic of how versatile Coach Cal is able to be with next year's lineups.

After it is all said and done, I do not think Knox is a Wildcat this fall. I would say Duke is the favorite and North Carolina also has a good chance. I will also add that some folks that have seen Knox play keep asking what the hype is all about.

There is definitely not a consensus that he is a program-changing player, and we could possibly be looking at another Marques Bolden situation. I predict that, come next March, Kentucky fans will be happy Cal missed on this one.

Zac Oakes

If Knox were to come to Kentucky, it would be a major, major addition for the Wildcats. He brings a superb amount of athleticism, a pretty good looking shot that will likely improve over the summer and throughout the season, while also bringing versatility and size with the ability to score and rebound from both the 3 and 4.

Kentucky's wing depth would be really strong with Knox in the fold, as he, Jarred Vanderbilt, and P.J. Washington, combined with Quade Green, Shai Alexander, and (hopefully) Hamidou Diallo, would make Kentucky assuredly one of the best perimeter teams in the country.

All that being said, I think the chances of Knox landing in Lexington are slim. Reports have come out that he prefers Kentucky and the parents prefer Duke--and we all know how that turned out for Marques Bolden--but ultimately, I think Knox sees a major opening in Durham with Jayson Tatum leaving for the NBA and will decide to be a go-to guy for the Blue Devils. I could also see him replacing Justin Jackson at UNC.

In order of likelihood, I would place it like this.

1. Duke 40%

2. UNC 30 %

3. Kentucky 15 %

4. Florida State 10 %

5. Missouri 5 %

But hey, I've been wrong before. Let's wait and see.

Jason Marcum

This recruitment has been a lot closer for all teams involved than most realize. Everyone assumed Duke was the big favorite in part from his Team USA involvement, which Coach K has had a stranglehold on for many years now.

Kentucky made a strong push for Knox that I think would have ultimately been enough, but having commitments from P.J. Washington and Jarred Vanderbilt to go with Wenyen Gabriel coming back made this a crowded spot for Knox to join. That’s not even accounting for Cam Johnson possibly coming, making this a tough roster for Knox to have a major role on.

I actually think Duke is in the same boat since they could be a 3-guard heavy team with Grayson Allen, Gary Trent, Trevon Duval and Frank Jackson all possibly being on the roster next year, not to mention Wendell Carter and a sophomore Marques Bolden down low.

At North Carolina, Knox could become more of a featured weapon and take on the role Justin Jackson is leaving behind. They lose a ton with Jackson leaving for the NBA while Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks graduated.

I think the Tar Heels are probably the best spot for Knox, but I still think Duke is who ultimately wins out, though I won’t be shocked to see him pick any of these schools, Kentucky included.