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Thursday Quickies: Roster Uncertainty Edition

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Indianapolis Practice Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What we already know about the 2017 Kentucky basketball roster is pretty great. We know that Kentucky will have five-star commits P.J. Washington, Nick Richards, Jarred Vanderbilt and Quade Green. They’ll also have four-star commits Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jemarl Baker. But aside from them and just a couple of returning players, there’s total uncertainty on Kentucky’s roster. Will Hamidou Diallo stay or go? Will Mohamed Bamba, Kevin Knox and/or Tremont Waters commit to Kentucky? Will the Cats land either of the transfers they’ve shown interest in, Cameron Johnson and Miles Wilson? There are a lot of questions that we’re going to get answers to eventually. Until then we’re left with uncertainty.

Tweets of the day

Karl-Anthony Towns and Kit-Kat have launched a long overdue ad campaign together, and it’s pretty great.

Your quickies

Towns stars in new Kit-Kat commercial - SEC Country
Why this wasn’t thought of by a marketing genius before now is beyond me.

Kentucky is recruiting Christian Watford’s brother - Herald-Leader
This is a great move from a sense of pettiness. What’s one way to ruin the best moment in Indiana basketball history in recent years? Go get the brother of the guy who made said moment happen. Aside from that, Trendon Watford is a top-20 player in the 2019 class and would make a great addition to the Cats.

Four telling quotes about Jemarl Baker - KSR
The new Wildcat opened up in a recent interview and gave us a sense of who he is and why he chose Kentucky.

Adebayo sacrficied to help Kentucky, now he’ll shine - LEX 18
Bam Adebayo was certainly a team player for the Cats in his freshman season. Now he’ll be able to put his full body of work on display once he gets to the league.

Four Kentucky teams win NCAA academic progress rate award - UK Athletics
Four teams in one year ties a school record for the university. The teams were: men’s basketball, men’s golf, softball and volleyball.

Marcus Lee recommends more testing of waters - Herald-Leader
The former Wildcat who transferred to Cal did what he thinks a lot more players should do: he put his name in the draft, tested it out, and returned to school (and then transferred). It’s a great idea, and it’s why the NCAA and NBA have changed their rules to allow it.

LeBron reaches second on playoff scoring list - FOX Sports
LeBron James trails only Michael Jordan in postseason points scored...and he’s on pace to be the top dog before these playoffs end.

Isaiah Thomas getting help from Kobe - ESPN
The two have talked on the phone, and Kobe Bryant watched gametape of the Boston Celtics in order to give Thomas advice. He seems to be teaching the Mamba Mentality.

Tony Romo is trying to qualify for the U.S. Open - CBS Sports
The former quarterback-turned broadcaster will try his hand at professional golf. However, he has to beat out 9,000 others.

Are the Clippers cursed? - Sporting News
The Los Angeles Clippers have built what should be an NBA powerhouse. After adding Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan to go along with Blake Griffin a few years ago, everyone expected the Clippers to be a dynasty. They’ve yet to get out of the second round of the playoffs. Who’s to blame?

Aaron Judge homers yet again - The New York Times
Not only did Judge lead the New York Yankees past the Toronto Blue Jays with another blast, but he now has 13 home runs in just 88 at-bats this year. 26 games in, he’s on pace to be the single-season home run king.

The NBA Playoffs are boring the Warriors - Sports Illustrated
That’s what happens when you build what is the greatest team to ever exist on paper. They better not get too comfortable though, their big test will come.

Google Docs users hit with phishing attack - The Verge
If you get a suspicious-looking Docs email, DO NOT CLICK ON IT.