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Julius Randle drastically changing body, improving 3-point shot

Randle looks like a different player thanks to his new offseason program.

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Julius Randle is ready to take the next step in his NBA career.

The former Kentucky Wildcats star has been productive thus far with the Lakers, but he hasn’t become quite the star many envisioned he could be. Part of that is due to playing for a rebuilding Lakers team that’s had one of the NBA’s worst records since 2013, but Randle can’t control that.

What he can control is how much dedication he has to his craft, and it looks like he’s taken that to another level this offseason.

Randle been working with certified nutritionist Amoila Jamil Cesar, and the results thus far have been tremendous. That’s not all Randle is working on, as he’s also looking to make the three-pointer a bigger part of his game:

The three-point range was not a strong point for Randle last season, as he shot just 27% from beyond the arc. Perhaps that will take a jump next season with Randle’s new offseason training regime.

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