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Bryan Antoine and Scottie Lewis to visit UK; may team up at same college

The best dynamic duo in the 2019 class is set to visit Kentucky.

Kelly Kline/Under Armour

Two top-10 recruits in the class of 2019 have drawn John Calipari’s attention, and they’re scheduled to make an unofficial visit to Lexington this Friday.

The five-star pair of Bryan Antoine and Scottie Lewis, a backcourt tandem that has been playing together since the seventh grade, will get an up-close and personal look at UK basketball, and some face time with Coach Cal.

Calipari has already seen them play twice. He watched them during their high school season, a rarity for Cal when it comes to sophomores, and got a look at them during the Under Armour session.

“They reload. That’s exactly what they do,” Lewis said of Kentucky, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. “I’m just excited to go there and hear his pitch and what he has to say. Because obviously his pitch must be pretty damn good after reloading every single year.”

“It’s a very historical university,” Antoine told SEC Country. “Everyone knows about their coaching and the players that they put into the NBA.”

The two seem like they might be a package deal, which wouldn’t come as a surprise. As mentioned before, they’ve played together since the seventh grade. They’re high school teammates and play for Team Rio in the Under Armour Showcase.

Team Rio’s head coach and former Rutgers coach Mike Rice (yes, that Mike Rice) says the duo plays well above their age.

“It’s not just the athleticism,” Rice said. “It’s the understanding of the game. The pace of their decisions, for sophomores — how to get rid of the ball, how to find a teammate, how to attack the rim, it’s rare. And then you add that to the physical tools that they have. That’s why (everyone) is recruiting them.”

Rice also said he’s never seen players that young with the kind of chemistry that Antoine and Lewis have.

“In this day and age, everybody wants attention,” Rice said. “They’re understanding that they both complement each other so well. And that when one does well, the other one’s going to do well. That’s so unique and rare in today’s younger players. It’s refreshing, because they’re just as happy when one of them scores as the other guy. It’s fun to coach that.”

Basketball has been like a brotherhood for these two; they’ve been through it all, according to Antoine.

“Me and him have been through the highs and lows,” Antoine said. “There have been times where he’s been upset and I had to pick him up. And sometimes I was upset and he had to pick me up. … We’re pretty much like brothers, to be honest.”

The two have plenty of schools heavily recruiting them, including Duke, Florida, Maryland, Villanova, St. John’s, Seton Hall and Rutgers. It’ll obviously be awhile before any type of decision is made, or any type of list is cut down.

But whatever they, do Lewis and Antoine hope it’s together at the next level.

“Our chemistry is so good,” Lewis said. “That’s something we want to bring to the next level. We talk about it all the time, what schools we’d go to together.”

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