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De’Aaron Fox talks Kentucky Basketball, John Wall comparisons and more in NBPA interview

The future star point guard does a profile Q&A with the NBPA

NCAA Basketball: Asbury at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

De’Aaron Fox did a profile Q&A with the NBA Players’ Association, talking about his journey to the NBA Draft and his own game. With the brand ambassador that Fox has become for Kentucky, there was plenty of talk about his time as a Wildcat.

Fox talked about former Wildcats who he has relationships with, and has played games with.

NBPA: With so many Kentucky players in the NBA, especially in the last eight years, do they come back to campus for pickup games?

DF: They’ll play pickup, like this past year Karl [Towns] came back. Jamal [Murray] and Devin came back at the same time. Tyler [Ulis] and Alex [Poythress] came back. Tayshaun Prince wasn’t coached by Cal [John Calipari], but he’s always around and he talks to us like he’s known us for 10 years. It’s just a brotherhood.

NBPA: Any former Wildcats who are mentors for you?

DF: John [Wall] helped me. He started talking to me in high school, just talking about coach Cal. [Calipari] expects a lot out of his point guards and so going in, I kind of knew what to expect. Ultimately [Wall] was right. [Calipari] knows what he’s talking about. You can’t argue with his track record. So when he tells you something, he’s most of the time right, so just follow his direction, perform and you’ll be fine.

Fox also talked about the John Wall comparisons that have been made ever since he stepped foot on campus.

NBPA: You’ve actually been compared to John. He entered the NBA as more of a speedy end-to-end player and over time, he learned how to master the halfcourt game. Do you look at his evolution?

DF: Definitely so. Everybody compares me because of that aspect and our athleticism and our quickness, but it took him some years to be able to develop where he is now. In the playoffs, he was playing like one of the best guards in the league. And if I’m able to get to that level of playmaking and the way that he was playing, I’ll feel good about it. I want to be better than what he did, but I know it’s going to take time, it’s going to take work.

Fox also talked about the tournament run and what it was like getting to play at Kentucky.

NBPA: Reflecting on that tournament run, what stands out the most?

DF: Just the opportunity it was to play for a school like Kentucky. The fanbase is always behind you, there’s a real fraternity with players. I saw Devin [Booker at the draft lottery], so it’s just cool seeing the players that have gone through kind of the same stuff that you’ve gone through, going to the same school, being coached by the same coach. And it just kind of automatically makes you brothers.

He also spoke on the end of that tournament run; the loss to North Carolina, and the emotion he showed in the locker room afterwards.

NBPA: Thinking back to when you lost to North Carolina in the NCAA tournament, and you got pretty emotional in the locker room, how do you carry those real feelings in your life?

DF: It’s just in my personality, so I’m very easygoing, easy to talk to, but when it gets real I know when to turn it on. But people honestly when they talk to me, they’re just, like, “Wow, I didn’t think you were going to be this nice. You’re really genuinely nice.” Mostly people don’t really know the athlete. I’m, like, “We’re all the same. It’s just this group is good at basketball.” It’s cool when people say that and they finally get to know you.

In the rest of the interview, Fox talks about what he looks to take from guards in the NBA, what he does off the court, his fashion sense, his hair, Dragon Ball Z and so much more (it’s a thorough interview). You can read the rest here, which I strongly recommend doing.