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Brooklyn Nets would’ve likely picked Hamidou Diallo in first round of NBA Draft

Did Diallo get a first-round guarantee after all?

UK Athletics

When Hamidou Diallo pulled out of the NBA Draft to rejoin the Kentucky Wildcats, many believed he was waiting on a guarantee to be drafted in the first round before he made his decision.

Whether the Brooklyn Nets gave him that is unknown, but they were set on selecting him late in the first round if he were still available, according to Bryan Fonseca, who was the first to report that Diallo was returning to Kentucky.

But Diallo not having a strong body of work for NBA people to work with led to no team willing to give him enough assurance that he would go as high in Round 1 as he wanted.

Diallo worked out for the Nets on May 18. He is a Queens, NY native. So, the pick made sense on multiple levels, but either Diallo was uncertain about his first-round pick status or he wants to propel himself into the lottery.

Either way, we’re glad to have him back.