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Wenyen Gabriel bulking up and boxing

Gabriel is hitting his offseason workouts hard as he looks to fend off his younger challengers.

With so many incoming five-star freshmen for Kentucky, it’s easy to forget about the previous class’ five-star freshmen.

One of the forgotten players from the 2016 class is Wenyen Gabriel. After earning the starting 4 spot for much of the season, Gabriel eventually lost that spot to senior Derek Willis. Once that happened, Gabriel rarely saw the court as he struggled to make any kind of positive impact when he did get on the floor.

It was clear Gabriel had hit the freshman wall and lost his confidence, something he’s looking to regain this offseason. That starts with hitting the weight room and bulking up so he can hold up as a college 4 if that’s where he sticks.

So far so good based on this workout video, which shows Gabriel already looking more bulked up as he does some high-intensity boxing:

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