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REPORT: Hamidou Diallo returning to Kentucky Basketball

A report is out that Diallo will stick with the Cats for one more season.

Jeremy Chisenhall/A Sea of Blue


Several New York-based reporters are now saying no final decision has been made b Diallo:

The wait for a final word continues...

Is Hamidou Diallo actually remaining with the Kentucky Wildcats?

According to Bryan Fonseca of Queens Ledger and Nets Daily, Diallo is staying in school for one more season.

Fonseca has been keeping tabs on Diallo since he declared for the draft, so seeing him say this does bring some optimism that Diallo is actually returning. Part of that is Fonseca covers the Nets, one of the NBA teams who’ve shown strong interest in Diallo.

Still, take this with a big grain of salt until the words come out of Diallo’s mouth, but this certainly wouldn’t be a big surprise after multiple reports of Diallo being 50-50 on whether he’d stay in the NBA Draft or remain at UK.

My guess is Diallo hasn’t gotten a guarantee from any NBA team, which has caused him to strongly consider returning to UK when he appeared set on leaving.

The deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft is Wednesday night.