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Hamidou Diallo drawing interest from 6 teams in 2017 NBA Draft

Diallo is a popular man with teams in the mid-to-late Round 1 range

Jeremy Chisenhall/A Sea of Blue

As Hamidou Diallo looks to make a final decision on his NBA Draft status, we now have an idea of who’s willing to draft him.

According to Adam Zagoria, six teams are considering Diallo in this year’s draft.

All of these teams have picks within the 14-30 range of Round 1, including the Heat (14), Bulls (16), Bucks (17), Pacers (18), Nets (22 and 27) and Jazz (24 and 30). The Nets and Bucks have been the two teams most linked to Diallo, but those are clubs are probably a big threat to spend first-round picks on him as well.

I doubt the Heat are willing to spend the 14th pick on Diallo, which is the final pick of the lottery. I also think Diallo won’t slip past the Jazz with the 30th pick, and I think it’s more likely the Nets at 27th overall is his floor.

The deadline for Diallo to make his decision is Wednesday. If any of these teams promises to spend a first-round pick on him, expect Diallo to remain in the draft.