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Hamidou Diallo torn on NBA Draft decision

Diallo is struggling to make a decision by Wednesday’s deadline.

UK Athletics

Will Hamidou Diallo stay or go?

That’s the question surrounding the Kentucky Wildcats for likely two more days, as Diallo has to make his NBA Draft decision by Wednesday. He’s already declared for the draft in order to test the waters, and Wednesday is the deadline to withdraw from it if he wants to remain in school.

According to SEC Country’s Kyle Tucker, Diallo is torn on his decision heading into Wednesday’s deadline.

Hamidou Diallo will take his big decision down to the buzzer. The Kentucky freshman has until midnight Wednesday to pull out of the 2017 NBA draft and return to school, and a source close to the program believes Diallo is truly torn, “50/50,” about the decision.

If Diallo remains in the draft, he’ll likely be a late first-round selection. However, that’s no certainty, something Diallo probably wants in order to remain in the draft, and he may not be getting that assurance from NBA teams.

If that’s the case, Diallo is better off returning to Kentucky, where he could thrive and possibly become a lottery pick in the 2018 draft. That’s the conundrum he’s facing right now, so it’s easy to see why he’s so torn over the decision.

I still think Diallo remains in the draft, but it appears it’s now more of a toss-up heading into Wednesday.