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Karl-Anthony Towns dishes on playing under John Calipari and life in the NBA

Karl Anthony-Towns has been gone from Lexington for just two years but it is refreshing to see the direction his career in the NBA has taken. KAT talks about his time with John Calipari in a recent interview.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Golden State Warriors Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

After tonight, the NBA mock drafts start to get real instead of being just a random assignment of teams and player thrown together for the art of speculation and to provoke discussions.

On Tuesday night, the ping pong balls dropped as we will finally know the real draft order, and the mock drafters can start to focus on the actual team needs rather than a random assignment of players. The debate can truly start on who the number one team in the draft will be since we will officially know the Celtics will have the pick.

It seems like just yesterday that the Minnesota Timberwolves were awarded the top draft pick, which they then used to pick former Kentucky Wildcat Karl-Anthony Towns.

Reid Forgrave from CBS Sports caught up with the former Kentucky Wildcats big man and he talked about his time at Kentucky.

Q. I know you only spent eight months [at Kentucky], but how did those eight months change you as a person and as a player?

A. It made me a smarter player when you go though a journey like that and it's at the University of Kentucky. It's different. It's something that can't be talked about. It's something that has to be witnessed and experienced. It's amazing, the things you learn, the experiences you go through, the feeling of being like a rock star that goes with being a University of Kentucky basketball player. Just the ability to feel fame for the first time – that's something Kentucky gives you.

Q. What do people on the outside misunderstand about Cal?

A. I think they think he's more of a person who is looking out for himself when he's not that at all. He's probably one of the few coaches in the whole entire game that is all about his players more than he is about himself or even the institution. He looks at us as his sons. And he puts us first before everything. He's tremendously loyal, tremendously supportive of his players -- his past players the same as his present players. He treats all of us the exact same way. Just the respect.

Even though Towns was at Kentucky for just eight months, it is obvious how much he was impacted by the experience and to see the impact that John Calipari made in his life. It’s also great to see how Towns has grown before our eyes into one of the top big men in the country and yet he stays grounded and humble.

In the interview, Karl-Anthony talks about getting his face on a Gatorade bottle and it is really cool to see his dreams coming true. It's a good interview, so definitely check it out.

While Karl_Anthony Towns will not be at the NBA Draft Lottery tonight, the Kentucky Wildcats will still be represented as Devin Booker will be there representing the Suns and hoping to bring them good luck.