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Kentucky Wildcats have “good chance” of getting Cam Johnson

Will Cam Johnson be UK’s first graduate transfer since Julius Mays?

ACC Basketball Tournament - Pittsburgh v Syracuse Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Recruiting in the spring can heat up quickly with limited time before decisions have to be made.

That’s the case with Pittsburgh’s Cameron Johnson, who just became a graduate transfer this past week, and now his recruitment is heating up fast. That includes the interest from Kentucky, who may be the slight favorite to land the three-point specialist.

At least, that’s what Kyle Tucker of SEC Country seems to think.

Pittsburgh graduate transfer Cameron Johnson has received his release from the Panthers and in turn received a scholarship offer from John Calipari and the Wildcats, who are in hot pursuit of an outside shooter to round out the 2017-18 roster. Johnson fits the bill, and a source tells SEC Country there is a “good chance” he ends up in Lexington.

This past season, Johnson averaged 11.9 points per game while shooting 44.9% from the floor. He averaged 2.4 three-pointers per game to go with 4.5 rebounds and 2.3 assists per contest.

Johnson is one of several new names to emerge for Kentucky in recent weeks. High school recruits Thomas Allen, Mark Smith and Jemarl Baker have also emerged, and there’s a great chance one of them ends up a Cat as well (though it looks like Allen will end up at Kansas).

Kentucky just offered Smith, a combo guard who can shoot, and another offer could be coming for Baker, a great three-point shooter. You’re seeing the theme here of ‘shooter’, something Kentucky is lacking severely next season.

But Johnson is easily the best of them all, being that he already has college experience and just shot 41.5% from three this past season. If Kentucky adds him and either Smith or Baker, they should be fine in the shooting department next season.